Twisted Ways


About mkesterson79

Hi I'm michelle, a forever single mom of a beautiful teenage daughter. Life has been shit for us the last few years. My old jobs work comp company lost my paperwork, then significantly delayed my treatment, leaving me with 6 permanent work restrictions. I also went thru 3 relationships with ass holes and traded work comp for disability. More ass holes behind desks telling me how I felt and this is what happened to me. All of that has now left me with an almost-13-year daughter who has been more in treatment places then at home the last year. Diagnosed with major depressive disorder, social anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, and just today borderline personality disorder with bi-polar hovering just in the background. say all this has left me bitter is an understatement. So please keep reading my "therapy". Poems comprised of the words I've strung together to get all this negativity out, rather then keeping it inside, alone, to fester. This is how I cope with life. Hope some of them may help you as well. Thanks so much for checking this site out😊
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