Empty Eyes


About mkesterson79

hi! my name is Michelle, a single mom to a beautiful 12yearold daughter, Bella. our world changed a little by the loss of my 16year long job, 2 neck fusions, and a shoulder surgery, and a list of 6 permanent work restrictions, which means get in the line for disability, they're gonna string you along just like the work comp company did. All of this made life difficult for me for a bit, along with the chronic migraines. so I had to withdraw myself from the world for awhile.To cope I began writing poems. I love words and I love putting them together. I hope my poems can help others relate to life and get thru tough times, knowing they're not the only ones who have felt the way they do. Loss of a job, loss of what u thought of as your life, problems with your growing child or the fact that you have terrible taste in men, I can relate to it all!! Hope u enjoy my work, thank you so much for taking the time to check it out. happy coping thru life to u😁 and may u end up with happier endings!
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